clam is a bed-settee with an easy-to operate system which enables it to offer just as much comfort as a settee as it does as a bed. its meticulous finish and apparent lightness enable it to be viewed from all sides and to offer a soothing cocoon in settee position and a generous sleep area when used as a bed. when located in the centre of a room, it becomes an island of relaxation for reading or resting.
do not disturb
do not disturb is a compact bed-settee, the primary objective of which is to optimize both the usage and the quality of the sleep area, whilst providing visual pleasure and the comfort of a 'real' settee. the patented mechanism and sprung mattress offer a very high quality sleep area. for optimum comfort, both opening and closing are electrically controlled at the touch of a button.
multy offers an intermediate position half-way between settee and bed: a chaise longue with ample leg support.
nomade express
a daily-use bed-settee of deliberately understated elegance. well-proportioned with moulded aluminium feet and traditional, mattress-style buttoned cushions, it evokes the timeless style of the 1930's.
bed settee.
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