a repetition of uprights and shelves, decreasing in depth towards the right or left and also upwards, the volume of this shelving unit appears to reduce as if disappearing towards the ceiling. this effect creates a range of unexpected, interesting storage possibilities.
an elegant modular range combining lacquer with solid wood. note the quality of finish as embodied by the dark walnut lip which serves as a handle for the doors. it responds perfectly to contemporary requirements of a modular system, offering solutions for hi-fi and storage, plus shelving and a sideboard.
numéro111 and michel decided to develop the clyde range, taking as a starting point its essential characteristics – the brass-coated or black lacquered steel structure with its v-shaped supports and the way in which the tops are superposed. and so two new pieces were born: a bookcase and a multi-use low unit (low bookcase, low open sideboard, TV,...).
when stacked, chests are held in place by their own weight (13kg) and steadied by small non-slip transparent rubber feet located between each chest. it is also possible to play with colour by mixing the 5 finishes on offer. modules are made from satin lacquered mdf.
the shelving unit, at h189cm the same height as the storage column, has shelves in a choice of 18 finishes: grey smoked glass, walnut veneer, satin white/argile/perle lacquer, plus the 13 'to-order' lacquer colours (rouge, bleu, bleu lavande, chocolat, mastic, noir, azur, brique, éléphant, moutarde, ranger, plomb and bleu nuit).
this shelving system can be used on its own or juxtaposed with additional units. can be used with or without the chest, which is always finished in walnut veneer. the shelving is available in various lacquer finishes. the stem and handles are always in bronze lacquer.
shelving unit in satin-finish anthracite-stained ash veneered multiply. equipped with a shelf in polished carrara marble with stain-resistant treatment, with mirrored glass in the upper niche.
in the case of the kyra bookcase, the skill and sensitive touch of the cabinetmaker (michael koenig's first profession) are clear for all to see. just like his approach to design: ''take an everyday object and give it a new look whilst retaining its usage, functionality and materials, perhaps adding a dash of humour.''
the sculptural, monolithic appearance of the piece is emphasised by the plain, satin-finished treatment of the black-stained oak veneer with the elephant-lacquered back panel, or the natural oak finish with the mastic lacquered back panel.
la bibliotheque fil
ligne roset now brings us the steel wire shelving which pierre paulin designed in 1972. minimalist, it marries the lacquer of its steel wire structure with the multi-ply used for its shelves. it is constructed around modules of w70cm which may be multiplied as desired. it is possible, for example, to create a 2 module shelving unit w140cm by juxtaposing two modules w70cm held together by 2 nylon linking-pieces each bearing pierre paulin's stamp.
an unstructured shelving unit with sloping shelves and interior panels, offering storage space of unequal volumes. optional indirect lighting may be located behind the frame. frame in panels of mdf; 25 mm thick shelves and interior panels.
storage module (stackable) comprising a cube of 8mm thick toughened 'cristal' glass set on a base of natural satin varnished solid american walnut. elements are simply placed on the ground and are not fixed in any way. the edges of the glass cube rest half way down the slatted walnut base in such a way that they do not rest on the ground and do not touch each other when superposed.
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