anna designed by christian werner, is a warm, inviting sort of bed with a 'tailored' look. although it is designed to stand alone it may be complemented by the everywhere range of bedside tables, chests of drawers and cupboards, and of course by any item of bedding in the ligne roset collection.
the upholstered headboard is evocative of a shell: it is an invitation to read, to watch tv or even write. the impression of continuity between the headboard and the base confers great visual lightness, even in the case of the version with the high headboard. the desdémone bed beautifully reflects the trend for a variety of uses, unencumbered by objects. in a way, the bed becomes the centre of the universe. the bed is a cocoon : it brings protection and serenity, becoming the ideal refuge.
drawing inspiration from the high-end hotel market, the bed and headboard were designed to inspire a sentiment of generous comfort and welcoming softness. the high headboard reaches 128cm from the floor, and is available in a choice of 2 widths. for smaller spaces, a lower, narrower version is also on offer. as for the bed, this comprises an upholstered base, a thick mattress and a mattress topper: the elevated, 'anglo-saxon-style' sleep platform which results will satisfy everyone.
peter maly 2
a new edition of the bed which has been a ligne roset best-seller for more than two decades.
the maly bed is constructed around the idea of a vast central platform which is both soft and supple (slatted base, mattress and bedding), surrounded by horizontal planes for a more tautly rigorous geometric effect. The pillow/headboard cushions slide freely around the bed frame, allowing for a multitude of positions since there is no fixed way for the bed to be used.
as with the ruché settee, the ruché bed is lifted from the ground by a simple, fine structure which supports a comfortable sleep platform. the headboard and frame are dressed with a distinctive quilting, a kind of boutis stitch of padding made using a cross-hatching of interrupted seams. alternately flattened by the stitches then set free, the fabric 'curls' in places, giving rise both to its unique appearance and to its name, ruché.
travel studio
companion bed: frame in panels of black, white laminated particleboard (ribbed on the exterior), equipped with 4 lockable castors. intended to take a slatted base and bultex mattress h16cm. lower section can take either a storage drawer (internal height 17cm) or an occasional bed with slatted base, which takes a specially adapted bultex mattress 88 x 187 x 9cm. when pulled out, this occasional bed rises to the same height as the main bed, thanks to its automatically-unfolding feet.
philippe nigro has designed a bed which is very welcoming in appearance and instantly evocative of great comfort. viewed in profile, as welcoming as it may be, the slender line of the headboard, suspended above the floor, is no less remarkably light and dynamic thanks to its spindle shape, like a flame arching towards the heavens. the ultime bed successfully achieves the feat of being generous, soft, welcoming and very comfortable, whilst giving an extreme impression of lightness.
made from panels of veneered or lacquered mdf, fixed together at 45° to each other. each bedside table has a clear glass surface, and a drawer.
hide and seek
christian werner's hide & seek is a complete, modular and personable range of storage for the bedroom, an attractive synthesis of design and function. available in white, gloss white, mastic, argile and ribbed white lacquer. various sizes and configurations available.
a modular collection of storage, the design of which comprises lacquered or veneered square panels arranged in a chequerboard effect and visually separated by anodised aluminiun inserts. available in white, gloss white and argile lacquer. various sizes and configurations available.
tarmac is a simple, innovative and easy to read modular programme, principally characterised by cupboards, shelving units and chests of drawers, all of which are set on a base which forms a 'roadway' (tarmac). available only in white lacquer. various sizes and configurations available.
collection of chests in panels of laminated particleboard with horizontal ribbing on their 4 sides and rounded corners. choice of white laminate (with milk glass top). insert zamac handles with central section matched to colour of chest.
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