the top is available in a number of finishes: an entirely new type of walnut veneer with the look of solid wood thanks to an assortment of wood sheets boasting vivid colours, veins and contrasts; natural or black-stained oak veneer, or 0.9mm thick fenix in noir or gris clair. the top is in one piece: just pull it at one end to unfurl one or two folding extensions concealed beneath the top and unfold them to extend the table by 75cm.
dining table with integral folding extension (W87cm). in contrast to the 2 tops, this extension has no lip. the central pedestal (brilliant-chromed steel or lacquered steel - 50mm x 10mm section) is in two parts (one attached to each of the tops) which move apart when the extension is to be deployed. the table can accommodate 6 people in closed position, and 8 to 10 when open (L 217cm).
dining table with 3.8cm solid wood top and 47 x 47 x 1cm black lacquered steel base. the base may be adjusted to vary the height of the top between 72.5cm and 110.5cm. the lower fixed part of the central base is in 5 x 5cm square-section black zinc-coated steel; the upper sliding section is in 6 x 6cm square-section black lacquered steel.
a contemporary solid wood table and bench, finished in walnut, oak or cherry, treated with oil and finished in matt varnish. available in lengths 160-240cm and depths 90 and 100cm.
also available in extending versions.
bench available in widths 120-230cm.
the ennea dining table (ennea stands for the greek number 9) rests on a base composed of three identical ‘rectangular’ triangles made from solid wood. this table accommodates 6 diners. top available in metallic anthracite ceramic, white marble effect ceramic or marble. base available in natural oak or black stained oak.
dining table with integral W50 extension. one additional W50 extension may be added. available in white or anthracite lacquer.
the java table has a base in 12mm thick flat steel, cut by laser directly from a large sheet, then hollowed out in the centre and folded. the half-legs mirror each other in closed position, giving the appearance of a central 4-branch base; then when the extension is unfurled they are separated as the two halves of the top move apart. the base is finished in black or white lacquer, with a slightly grained effect to add a small amount of texture.
dining tables with one integral w75cm extension (or with 2 integral w50cm extensions). base in moulded black-stained solid oak with 16mm thick mdf top finished in natural or black-stained oak veneer, walnut veneer, dark-toned walnut veneer or 9/10 fenix (choice of noir or gris clair); or in solid natural oak with top in natural oak veneer or 9/10 fenix (choice of noir or gris clair). the top is in one piece: just pull at one end of the base to engage the folding extension.
streamline like an aeroplane wing, the top seems to float on the twin arches of its formed steel base, with the play of light across its surface only enhanced by its very slenderness of form. tops available in natural oak, walnut, white ceramic, marble effect ceramic and metallic anthracite ceramic. base available in white or black lacquer. available in lengths 180, 200, 220, 240 and 260cm.
piazza offers a top cut in an elegant and original elliptical shade with one straight side - thus enabling it to be pushed against a wall when not in use. gas piston operated. available with black or white lacquered base with clear glass or white or black fenix top.
spirit of forest
the rounded shape of the top’s extremities helps soften the severity of the walnut. the comfortable 100cm width of the top may be perfectly customized with a choice of 9 lengths, from 160 to 240cm. dining table entirely made from natural varnished solid european walnut. decorative finger joint detailing at junction of legs and top.
a table of extremely pared down lines which puts to use the characteristics of full body ceramic stoneware, to give the impression of visual lightness at a level rarely equaled. top available in white ceramic, marble effect ceramic, metallic anthracite ceramic and smoked oak. base available in white and black lacquer and chrome. fixed top version available in lengths 180 and 240. also available as extending version with 58.8cm extension.
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