ligne roset is manufacturing the 260 aluchair chairs which were designed by jacques ferrier for the french pavilion at the shanghai world expo (may - october 2010). this indoor/outdoor chair employs a combination of resistant materials such as aluminium and stainless steel for its base and injected plastic for its perforated shell (seat-back).
ariane out
the ariane out light makes it possible to create an arrangement of points of light outdoors, either by using the (optional) hook or by looping the flex over a branch or even resting it on the ground or a table. shade in moulded polyethylene.
teak is an exceptional wood, refined and timeless. used in emblematic locations such as the bridges of the very finest ships or asian temples, it presents excellent technical characteristics: stable, durable, soft to the touch and pleasantly fragrant. it will patinate indoors over time, developing a golden brown hue; outdoors, it will oxidise, which does not alter its properties in any way but which does confer a characteristic silver-grey colour. tray in natural (non-oiled) solid teak.
backpack 2 armchair
the backpack armchair derives its distinctive personality from the slim, elegant structure/base which is the perfect foil for the perfectly-designed silhouette of its welcomingly thick and ergonomically-curved seat/back cushion. at the top of the back, the cushion rolls over on itself and is held in place by a strap on its back (red or black) which is evocative of the kind of backpack used by the explorers of yesteryear.
outdoor pedestal table with structure in black lacquered cataphoresis-treated steel; top in 8mm thick black enamelled glass. outdoor pedestal table with structure in quartz grey lacquered cataphoresis-treated steel. top in matt white marble-effect ceramic stoneware (Ø 40.5cm; thickness 6mm or Ø 62.7cm; thickness 6mm).
container in matt textured anthracite enamelled ceramic stoneware with gloss grey interior. white citronella candle (97% paraffin / 3% citronella essence) with 1 wick.
suitable for outdoor use. 72 hour burning time.
indoor/outdoor dining table with structure composed of a white lacquered stainless steel base reinforced by nickel plate-effect anodised aluminium crosspieces. top (which covers the entirety of the frame) in scratch, stain and thermal shock-resistant ceramic stoneware.
elizabeth teck
to extend the benefits of this welcoming nook to the world outdoors and to further reinforce his enhancement of the solid wood, nathan yong is adding 2 new pieces to the collection (a low-backed armchair and small settee), both made from splendid solid teak.
the choice of special 'outdoor' covering materials for the cushions makes it possible to use this seating out of doors.
occasional table in matt black or argile lacquered steel. anti-corrosion treatment, rustproof and anti-uv lacquer.
bench made from the highest quality natural solid teak (non-oiled) from managed plantations in indonesia. polythene gliders. slides between the legs of the rectangular table. suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
low table made from natural-finish (non-oiled) solid teak. suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
dining table made from the finest quality natural (non-oiled) solid teak from managed plantations in indonesia. polythene gliders. may be complemented by the bench of the same name, which slides between its legs. suitable for indoor or outdoor use.
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