the sideboards with 4, 6 or 8 doors (2 x 4 door sideboards with a single top) are offered on a base or legs, with the universal square door. a ceramic stoneware top is also available.
an elegant modular range combining lacquer with solid wood. note the quality of finish as embodied by the dark walnut lip which serves as a handle for the doors. it responds perfectly to contemporary requirements of a modular system, offering solutions for hi-fi and storage, plus shelving and a sideboard.
the canaletto collection of glazed units is a small but very singular range. the upper section is completely glazed, both front and sides, with a ridged glass with a widely-spaced linear pattern, an alternation of dips like peaks and troughs. the base is in steel, with 12mm roundels mounted like an array of bamboo for solidity and lightness; it contrasts with the top. it is finished in bronze lacquer to co-ordinate with the aluminium door frames.
coplan 2
first launched in 2008, the coplan sideboard is being updated for 2016. the way in which its two coplanar doors open has been retained : side by side when closed, they pivot on opening and slide one in front of the other. since there is no clearance required when opening, one can have a 200 or 230cm long sideboard with just 2 sliding doors instead of 3, 4 or 5 hinged doors. the gain, aesthetically speaking, is one of simplicity and purity of line.
although it might be evocative of certain metal modular systems from the office world, dita clearly distances itself from these in a number of ways: its lacquered panels are in wood rather than sheet metal; its discreet profiled uprights with their sophisticated finish are perfectly placed, cast and not part of the structure; a matching handle which is light and beautifully designed; and its small, slim feet which continue the line of the structure in a very natural way.
combining elegance, sobriety and finishing details, estampe is marked out by fronts and sides in sawn oak, doors and drawers with slimmed-down edges and rounded corners, and a fixed linoleum-covered upper top.
et cetera
in the case of the sideboard, the structures and fronts are priced separately to make it possible to mix all the finishes on offer. that said, the following combinations are recommended: interior of structure in white lacquer/fronts in natural sawn oak or interior of structure in argile lacquer with black lacquered top/fronts in anthracite-stained sawn oak.
a collection of furniture, perfect for any room in the house, comprising pieces for the living or dining room, bedroom or hallway, even tv/hi-fi units.
hyannis port
collection of pieces with a 'cabinet-made' feel, with frames in multi-ply finished in gloss white lacquer: their rounded rear corners are characteristic of the collection. brilliant-chromed handles and metal under frames. drawer runners equipped with controlled automatic closing.
a very elegant open sideboard which puts a very contemporary twist on the best of the style of the fifties and seventies. satin-finish black-stained mdf with red or lavender blue lacquered interior. feet in solid satin-finish black-stained ash, screwed to a metal plate. internal shelves are fixed.
these one-piece items are reasonably-sized and permit a furnishing style which is less constraining and more nomadic. the pieces will appeal to all those who favour an unstructured approach to furnishing.
for eric jourdan’s new family of storage, everything revolves around a language of forms. it is the design which guided the project, the pencil drew, adjusted, proportioned the constituent elements of the piece, balancing the tops, for example, with the staggered legs. in its light, asymmetrical, hollowed appearance one recognises the rounded forms so beloved of eric jourdan.
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