these pieces are characterized by their study of broken lines and the interaction of the various materials. the designers from numéro 111 hoped to focus on the object until a graphic outline became apparent, with the ultimate aim of 'showing off the contents through the container'.
candle holder comprising a matt-finish marble base, an epoxy satin grey lacquered steel screen and 5 white candles.
the alfred screen, comprising a felt-covered panel and a wooden frame, sculpts space with its play on fullness and emptiness. these two elements come together to create a piece which can be used wherever desired.
frame in natural varnished solid oak. panel in mdf, covered in divina acier.
waste bin in black or grey woven rattan.
a real feat of glassmaking, the artifex vase in mouth-blown glass provides us with the perfect illustration of the designer’s approach: the unusual association of cylinder and cube, the subtlety of their soft tones combines perfectly to bring us an object which is at once masculine and feminine, solid and poetic, functional and artistic.
two-part vase in mouth-blown glass. the ‘holder’ section is in a grey blue stain whilst the upper section is in peach. both sections have a frosted finish.
bougies parfumees
scented candle with burning time of approx. 40 hours (15% natural essence). container in lacquered glass with matt gold-coloured aluminium lid. the lidded box is made from gold-coloured cardboard, dimensions h9 x 8.2 x 8.2cm.
this range of vases, which will benefit from being arranged as an installation of several creatively-coloured pieces, takes us back to extreme simplicity and timelessness which hint, with humility and wisdom, at the inspiration of the designer and the expertise of the glassmaker. range of 3 vases in mouth-blown glass.
car light
by blowing the glass in a mesh-lined cardboard tube, one obtains vases marked with the desired relief motif. this artisan process produces unique forms, the irregular diameter of which varies within a single piece between 14 and 16cm vase in mouth-blown glass, blown into a mesh-lined cylindrical mould.
vases in moulded enamelled earthenware. colour: gris brilliant.
baskets in painted woven rattan with handle in brown pigmented cowhide with stainless steel rivets.
chef d'oeuvre
collection of fine basket-work made from woven pieces of wicker and splintwood on bamboo cane, finished in matt black lacquer.
coat rack in brilliant chrome, gloss white, copper and black.
clothes box
set of 2 baskets made of chocolate color braided rattan, with matte finish. only one of the 2 baskets comes with a lid.
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